I set out to bring my home based website back to life from 2005 or there about. I wanted to use Raspberry computers and cameras and give the web pages a more professional look. I used Microsoft Frontpage and Apache Web Server then and the site was rudimentary  but it worked. Much has changed in 12 years  internet wise and I have to say I am close to getting it completed. Adding sound is still pending as I wait patiently for a circuit board header standoff to be delivered.  Yesterday was the expected delivery day, but alas it did not arrive. My Website

12-23-17 Getting an audio server to work has become one of the biggest challenges. I ordered a $30.00 audio injector board when began to have doubts about the $15.00 board I ordered. I already have an option with the camera  server I am using now, it is set to use the default audio card. The 15.00 board is the default and I was able to get sound output from the LINE OUT port, but microphone capture not working. My site from years ago had a counter that indicated how many days since the last game winner. I will consider that again once more site traffic occurs.

12-24-17 Second audio board arrived yesterday. Worked without one hitch. It’s a built in microphone so I wondered about it’s range, but so far it seems great! Audio device Thought I was home free, but it works great over my local area network, not so much connecting from the world wide web. Going to have to make it a secure website and or web-page I guess. Happily I have made some progress understanding how that works with self-signed certificates and keys. The whole site being secure, on the other hand, remains a challenge. Got audio to work with one web-page being kind of secure. It’s secure enough to make it work after all I am not looking for credit card information. The problem is that camera and audio from the same Raspberry PI is not ideal for this application, so I will have to get another RPI to handle the audio. I will use some of my year end bonus money for my forth RPI3.

My goal was to have site up and running by the 1st of the year. Ran to Micro Center for computer parts on 12.31.17.  My goal was accomplished. The server that controls the relays seems to stop after 4 days or so. I will keep a watchful eye on it until another option presents itself.