Reporting the LATEST


This is how I went offline in 2006. High tech it was not. I hope today to fully implement HAPROXY and with the help of PIRELAY to take the main page offline and bring it back online with my cell phone. Also when the first waive of dominoes fall a timer is started to take the main page offline after 2 minutes.

081119~ Finally I am ready to set the dominoes back up. This weekend I got a home-made sub-woofer working  for better music while setting up dominoes. Then I figured out why the original sub-woofer stopped working and now I have two in that area of my basement. At 5 pm yesterday, when I thought I was done, I had to learn that webpage information for the most part is kept in your browser cache. A change in the server that is available makes no difference if the streaming content arrived from other sources.


111719~ Site is decommissioned but only removed interactive features and live streams. Please visit.



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